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After 20 years in the same location serving more than 60,000 satisfied customers, it is our mission to provide the highest level of numismatic expertise and guidance when our clients are ready to make a sizable investment or complete a large, complex trade.

Our brand value encompasses being personable, professional, and honest. Yet it is our diversity, knowledge, history, and the plans we hold for the future of our company that truly sets us apart from the rest and promises the longevity of Coins Since 1994. Whether our customers are buying or trading, we promise to deliver the best service and provide the knowledge required to build confidence in their investment.

When customers are selling to us, we proudly guarantee the highest buy prices with no minimums – ever. As nationally recognized coin buyers and experts in both the classic US coins as well as modern, at Coins Since 1994, we uphold a high level of professionalism and security second to none.

We are the only coin dealers who guarantee to be available and at your service whenever you are ready to complete a large transaction.

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